Kuala Penyu Hospital Client Charter and Pledge

Client Charter

We promise to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality services.

1. Our priority will be given to critical and partial critical cases at the Emergency and Trauma Department with waiting time as follows:
  • All critical cases (Red Zone) will be treated immediately
  • All semi-critical case (Yellow Zone) will be treated within 30 minutes
  • Other cases (Green Zone) will be treated will be treated within 90 minutes

2. Services at the Outpatient Clinic and Specialist Clinic will be given by rotation and/or based on the condition of the patient. Priority will be given to children, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with disabilities

3. Information will be given to customers regarding disease and treatment.

4. Confidentiality of patients personal information, disease and treatment given is guaranteed.

5. Clean, comfortable and safe facilities are provided

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That we, the members of the
Ministry of Health Malaysia,
With conscience and freewill,
Pledge to:

Strengthening Our Commitment
On our Entrusted
Duties and Responsibilities

Strive to improve
Skills and Expertise
Required by the profession.

Always prioritize
Determined and strive
To implement our promise in
The Customer Charter, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Sought to establish
Continuous innovation
In order to Improve
Our Quality and Productivity.

Strong faith in religion and
Practice the values ​​and ethics of public service, and
Adhere to government regulations
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