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For any problem during browsing the Official Kuala Penyu Hospital Website, you can directly contact Kuala Penyu Hospital IT Unit through telephone line 087-853194 (Lio) and 087-853190 (Hardie) or through email hkp[at]

The following are short description on the main interface of HKP Website:

1. Kuala Penyu Hospital Website
Displaying the Official Website statement, National Crest and Kuala Penyu Hospital Logo

2. W3C, Multilingual
Kuala Penyu Hospital Website provides different text size options. The text size options are displayed on top of every page. User can choose whether to choose bigger or small text size depending on the suitability. Black, red, blue and green colour of text choices are also provided. For multilingual feature, Malay and English language are provided as the main language of Kuala Penyu Hospital Website. The link to FAQ section and support is also provided here for fast access by user

3. Navigation Menu
The navigation menu as can be seen on the left of this website list all the pages that are displayed on this website. All links are arranged by categories so it can be access more faster.

4. Search Box
If you want to find any information inside HKP Website, you can key in your keyword here.

5. Front Banner
Displaying interactive banner for quick information to the website visitors.

6. Spotllight Section
Latest news from HKP, JKNS and MOH, collection of living healthy articles and vacancies and price quote information.

7. Publication and References Section
Statistics, report, Client Charter achievement, bulletin and others

8. Hospital Activities Announcement
The upcoming activities of Kuala Penyu Hospital will be displayed here

9. Pencapaian Hospital
Pengiktirafan serta pencapaian Hospital Kuala Penyu

10. Multimedia Tab
Random collection of photos from HKP Photo Album. To view the full abum, please click the full album link. Video and audio link are also provided.

11. Polls
Survey on general topics.

12. Kuala Penyu Hospital Portal Visitors Statistics
Display simple latest statistics the visitors of Kuala Penyu Hospital Website

13. HKP Media Social Network
Link to RSS, Facebook Group, Twitter account and Youtube Page of Kuala Penyu Hospital.

14. Ministry and Related Agencies Website Link
Provides link to the ministry and related agencies websites

15. Footer
Displaying the contact address of the Hospital, copyright notice, links to the website policies and displaying of the date of last update and page loading time.

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