Kuala Penyu Hospital Director's Message

W.b.t Assalamualaikum and Greetings.

Welcome to the Official Website of Kuala Penyu Hospital. This website is yet another effort of our hospital in further enhancing the quality of services, particularly in terms of dissemination of information such as profiles, functions and services provided by our hospital. It is our hope that this portal can be used as a medium of message, information, sharing of ideas and opinions and provide useful information required by the public.

We also welcome your views and comments to help us in efforts to improve the quality of our services provided to the public.

I also urge the staff of Kuala Penyu Hospital to implement the slogan of "Concern, Quality, Professionalism" and practice the values in providing services to the public in order to meet their expectations towards the hospital.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate and thank all who have made significant contribution in the construction of Kuala Penyu Hospital Official Website. It is hoped that the efforts of updating the information of services provided by each unit at Kuala Penyu Hospital is done from time to time.

Happy surfing the Official Website of Kuala Penyu Hospital.

Dr Esmar Bin Abdul Hamid
Director of Kuala Penyu Hospital
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