Kuala Penyu Hospital Introduction

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Hospital Kuala Penyu is a Malaysian government hospital located in the district of Kuala Penyu, Sabah. The Hospital is a non-specialist district hospital providing outpatient services and inpatient services.

The construction of Kuala Penyu Hospital started on the 3rd July 2001 in an area of ​​30.19 acres which cost RM76 million. It is one of the projects under the 7th Malaysia Plan. Its construction was completed on 30th May 2005 and it commenced operations to the public on February 28th, 2006. Kuala Penyu Hospital can actually accommodate a total of 72 beds, but currently only 48 beds available. Equipped with the latest hospital equipment. The hospital complex consists of :

Medical Complex
Quarters (44 units)
Nurses Hostel (21 units)
Sports Arena

In addition, to provide comfort to the public, public facilities are also available at Kuala Penyu Hospital such as:
Prayer Room
Therapeutic Garden

The lists of services provided at Kuala Penyu Hospital are as follows:

Clinical Division
Emergency Unit
Outpatient Department
Delivery Suite Unit
Male Ward
Female Ward
Children Ward
Operation Theater Unit
Hemodialysis Unit

Clinical Support Division
Pharmacy Unit
Nursing Unit
Pathology and Blood Bank Unit
Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray) Unit
Sterile Supply Unit
Infection Control Unit
Medical Record Unit
Rehabilitation Unit
Medical Social Work Unit
Food Services Unit

Management Division
Administration and Services Unit Quality Unit
Finance Unit
Engineering Operation Unit
Information Technology Unit
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